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Research on TFT upper

  • Fifty teenagers who had been orphaned 12 years earlier in the Rwandan genocide received a single session of TFT. Their scores decreased significantly on a checklist of PTSD symptoms that was completed by their caretakers and a self-administered checklist of PTSD symptoms. They experienced reductions in symptoms related to PTSD and maintained the improvements a year later.

Research on TFT lower


Sakai, C.E., Connolly, S.M., & Oas, P. (2010). Treatment of PTSD in Rwandan child genocide survivors using Thought Field Therapy. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 12(1), 41-50.

Pasahow, R.J. (2009). Energy psychology and Thought Field Therapy in the treatment of tinnitus. International Tinnitus Journal, 15(2), 130-133.
(This article contains two case studies in which Thought Field Therapy was found to be effective in treating anxiety and depression symptoms in participants who were suffering from tinnitus.)

Schoninger, B., & Hartung, J. (2010). Changes on self-report measures of public speaking anxiety following treatment with Thought Field Therapy. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 2(1).

Articles on TFT

  • Bray, R. (2007). Thought Field Therapy: Working through traumatic stress without the overwhelming responses. Violence & Abuse Abstracts, 13(4).
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Books on Offshoots of Thought Field Therapy


Books on Offshoots of Thought Field Therapy

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  • Carrington, P. (2008). A guide to TappyBear (How to use Tappy for your child and yourself).

  • Carrington, P. (2008). TappyBear instruction system: Everything you need to teach your child EFT
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Books on Topics Related to Thought Field Therapy


Books on Topics Related to Thought Field Therapy

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CDs and DVDs in Which Thought Field Therapy is Mentioned


McTaggart, L. (2009). The Living Matrix Movie. Available at www.thelivingmatrixmovie.com.

CDs and DVDs on Offshoots of Thought Field Therapy


CDs and DVDs on Offshoots of Thought Field Therapy®

  • Carrington, P. (2009). The tapping solution (DVD). Newtown, CT: Try It Productions. (www.TryItOnEverything.com)
  • Przybyla, D., & Blair, M. Removing blocks to receiving your intentions with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Audio CD

CDs and DVDs Related to Thought Field Therapy

  • Lipton, B., & Williams, R. (n.d.). The biology of perception: The psychology of change: Piecing it all together. (DVD) (www.FearOrLove.com)

  • Sheldrake, R. (1990). The habits of nature III. Lecture given at Big Sur, Dolphin Tapes, CA.

Articles, Books, and DVDs on Diet/Toxins

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ATFT UPdate Magazine/E-Zine


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ATFT Update Magazine Issue 13, Fall 2009
Meet Your ATFT Members Suzanne Connolly, MFT, CISW
Caroline Sakai, PhD
Freedom R&R’s with Timeshares for Vets Joanne Callahan, MBA
A Letter from the Battlefield Efland Amerson
TFT and Hope in a Beleaguered Region Caroline Sakai, PhD
Rwanda Case Notes Suzanne Connolly, MFT, CISW
Volunteerism: At a home for At-Risk Youths Chrissie Mayhew
Treating Medical Problems with TFT Colin Barron, PhD
TFT Relieves Bank Robbery Trauma Mary Cowley, PhD
TFT Testimonials
Overcoming Fear of Snakes Dale Solarz
Lyme Disease Sufferer Finds Relief with TFT Tana J
Living Fearlessly with TFT Dariah Morgan, PhD
ATFT Foundation Trauma Relief Expands in 2009 Joanne Callahan, MBA
TFT Trauma Relief Blog Mary Cowley, PhD
TFT Today Various
ATFT Update Magazine Issue 14, 1st Quarter 2010
Meet Your ATFT Members Jenny Edwards, PhD; Howard Robson, MA, MB, Bchir, FRCP, FRCPE; Phyll Robson
Japanese TFT Peer-Reviewed Journal Joanne Callahan, MBA
The Use of TFT in Family Care Christina Mayhew
A Toe-Tale Success Suzanne Connolly, MFT, CISW
Thought Field Therapy Archives Jenny Edwards, PhD
News from the United Kingdom Ildiko Scurr
Leadership Changes Paul Oas, PhD
Darla Terry-Ausman
John McLaughlin
Foundation News Joanne Callahan, MBA
TFT Today Various
ATFT Update Magazine Issue 15, Summer 2010
Callahan: Present ACEP Lifetime Achievement Award
Meet Your ATFT Members Ayame Morikawa, PhD
Bruce Paton, PhD
Roger Callahan Honored with ACEP Lifetime Achievement Award Roger J Callahan, PhD
Awareness During Anesthesia: My Personal Mission to Help Others Jeanette Magdalene, PhD
Stroke: Treatment, Rehabilitation and Recovery Rosemary Wiseman
Layoffs Hurt, but TFT Helps Herb Ayers, MA, LMHC
Chaos Theory Rita Weinberg, PhD
Leadership Changes Joanne Callahan, MBA
TFT Today Herb Ayers, MA, LMHC
Foundation News Joanne Callahan, MBA
ATFT Update Magazine Issue 16, Autumn 2010
Byumba Leaders Using TFT to Help Their Community
Meet Your TFT Members Robert Pasahow, PhD
Colin Barron, PhD
Rwandans Help Each Other Recover Caroline Sakai, PhD
Hawaii Training Project for ATFT Rwanda Caroline Sakai, PhD,
Ann Yabusaki, PhD
Haiti 2010: TFT Foundation Mission to Haiti Phyll Robson, Howard Robson
“Hey, Mom! I Need a Haircut!” Helen Sugarman Schicketanz
TFT Today Herb Ayers, MA, LMHC
Project Turning Point Mette Rosseland
I Learn How to Help Others Every Day Jackie Rioux
ATFT Foundation: 2010 and Beyond Joanne Callahan, MBA
ATFT Update Magazine Issue 17, Summer 2011
Sudden Destruction: Japan
Member Spotlight Jim McAninch
Sudden Destruction in Japan Ayame Morikawa, PhD
ATFT & ACEP Coming Together – Let’s Make it Happen Joanne Callahan, MBA
Esophogeal Spasms Relieved with TFT Lois Sugarman, PhD, RN, FT
Hidden Benefits of TFT Robert Pasahow, PhD
A Strange Tale and My Smallest Patient Terri Perry
First Aid for our Cat, Harry Terri Perry
Who Cares about Homeless Women Vets? Bruce Paton, PhD
ATFT Foundation, USA and UK Joanne Callahan, MBA
New Initiatives; ATFTF-UK Dr Howard Robson
TFT Today Herb Ayers, MA, LMHC
Tapping for Humanity Winter 2012
TFT Foundation 2011 Year in Review and Projects and Dreams for 2012
TFT Healing Comes Full Circle – Our Dreams become Reality Joanne Callahan, MBA
Tapping for Peace … One Heart at a Time Mary Cowley, PhD
ATFTF (UK) Ltd Report for October 2011 Howard Robson
Combined Treatment for Elderly Patients Katherine Bragin, LCSW
Thought Field Therapy Serving our Women Vets! Bruce Paton, PhD
TFT Foundation Hawaii – Rwanda Training a Success Suzanne Connolly, LCSW, LMFT
TFT Publication Guidelines Herb Ayers, MA, LMHC
Tapping for Humanity Spring 2012
Our Plans Needs and Hopes for This Year and Our Long-Term Future Joanne Callahan, MBA
Fundraising Book Corner Mary Lou Dobbs
Matching Funds Gift Program Bruce Paton, PhD
TFT Spotlight Herb Ayers, MA LMHC
Transforming Trauma – Creating Peace Mary Cowley, PhD
Thought Field Therapy – PTSD Study Published
ACEP Grant Awarded to Suzanne Connolly
TFT Foundation (USA), ATFT Foundation (UK) and Mats
Uldal Humanitarian Foundation
(MUHF) Form a Multi-National Trauma Relief and
Research Team Joanne Callahan, MBA
Multi-National TFT Team Leads PTSD Research and
Provides Trauma Relief and Practitioner
Training in Uganda 2012 Roger Ludwig, MA
TFT Team Returns to Uganda Phyll and Howard Robson, MD
Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami – TFT in the Aftermath
TFT to Help Wounded Warriors in Leaps of Faith Event
TFT Community Day of April 20th 2012 Deacon Augustin NZABONIMANA
TFT Foundation Publication Guidelines
Tapping for Humanity Summer 2012
TFT Foundation 2012 Summer – Tapping Around the World Joanne Callahan, MBA
Tapping into Healing – Uganda 2012 Brief Summary Roger Ludwig, MA
Fundraising Book Corner Suzanne Connolly, LCSW, LMFT
Matching Funds Gift Program Bruce Paton, PhD
A Letter of Thanks Fr. Peter Mubunga BASALIZA
Uganda 2012 Team Leaders – Short Report Phyll and Howard Robson
Tapping into Healing for Wounded Warriors at Leaps of Faith Event Patricia Jennings
Don’t Stop Short: Tap ‘til You’re Free of Your Perturbation Jacqueline Smillie
TFT Works at so Many Levels – From Launching Healing Phyll Robson
to Merely Improving the Quality of Life of an Individual Henry “Mack” Davis
Horses and Tapping Heal the Hearts of Troubled Children at Stillwater Farms Barbara Hutson
Transforming Trauma – Creating Peace Mary Cowley, PhD
A Trip to Cairo
TFT Mexican Association – Reaching out with TFT Alvaro Hernandez
TFT Foundation Publication Guidelines
Tapping for Humanity Winter 2013
Looking Back at 2012 and Forward to 2013 Joanne Callahan, MBA
Back to Rwanda –
Treating, Training and
Documenting the Healing
Suzanne Connolly
Anxiety Study – Finally it is out Mats Uldal
Thought Field Therapy Serving Our Women Vets in New Mexico Bruce Paton, PhD
Amazing Results From Brazil – A New Application for TFT Teixeira, Paula
Peacemakers Inc. – Using TFT to Relieve Trauma and
Reduce Violent Behavior
John Ivey
World Trade Center Trauma Relief in New York Diane Bahr-Groth
Fundraising Book Corner Bob Bray
TFT Foundation Publication Guidelines
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