Trauma Relief Committee

The Mission Statement of the TFT Foundation Trauma Relief Committee (TRC) is to provide professionally executed Thought Field Therapy Trauma Relief and Trauma Relief Training where invited whenever financially and physically possible.

TFT Foundation Members who wish to be considered for deployment will need to fill out the form showing their interests and limitations, so that it will be on file when Trauma Relief Teams are being formed.

For people interested in volunteering for a relief mission, CLICK HERE to fill out the information form.

For more information on trainings necessary to participate in trauma relief efforts in conjunction with governmental agencies such as FEMA and the Red Cross, some or all of these on-line courses will need to have been completed.

TRC Deployments – Information

Below are links and informational documents as to the FEMA requirements for agencies responding to emergencies.

FEMA states all personnel, regardless of role, should have at a minimum NIMS IS-700 and ICS-100. For emergency responders (which is where ATFT Foundation may more closely fall into depending on conditions) this requirement expands to include ICS-200.  IS-800a is recommended at this level but not a requirement.

Please contact us regarding the needs for each deployment.   All 4 courses: IS-700, IS-800a, ICS-100, and ICS-200 can be done on-line.  If done on-line, we recommend to students to print out the exam and complete as they go along in the program as it makes it a lot easier.  If people have a challenge doing the on-line version they can all be taught in the classroom setting.  Obviously there is a cost savings for them to complete it on-line.

The following articles about trauma relief were written by TFT Foundation members:

Trauma Relief Committee (TRC) Members:


Thomas Greenhalgh, Jr.

Jim McAninch

National Incident Management System: an Introduction   IS-700.A

Introduction to Incident Command   IS-100.b

Incident Command for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents   IS-200.b

National Response Plan: an Introduction   IS-800.b

Citizens Guide to Disaster Assistance IS-7

World Health Organization – International High Risk Travel Areas

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