June 2012 Uganda: TFT Practitioners and Trainers Trip


In June 2012, an international team of TFT practitioners/trainers went to Uganda to make a difference by training locals and treating people along the way. They visited 3 parishes and help relieve stress, trauma and pain for hundreds of people.

The TFT Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization’s mission is to spread the use of TFT and its profound healing throughout the world.

The TFT Foundation has developed and proven a model to bring TFT to any traumatized community, where leaders can be trained to help their fellow countrymen. In three random controlled studies in Rwanda and Uganda, results showed significant improvement and follow-ups have demonstrated the results last and even improve over time.
There are now over 100 Rwandan community leaders using TFT to help their countrymen, like Jean Pierre and Kamal.

2011 UK Team Haiti Trauma Relief Mission


UK Team Discuss Haiti Trauma Relief Mission On ITV

In this video, Howard and Phyllis Robson talk about their recent mission in Haiti, and TFT (Though Field Therapy)

Clinical Applications Integrating TFT in Psychotherapy


TFT AdvancedThis month, TFT Foundation board member Suzanne Connolly has offered to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her latest book to the foundation.

Thought Field Therapy – Clinical Applications Integrating TFT in Psychotherapy

Suzanne ConnollyBy Suzanne Connolly.
Use TFT effectively with more clients
Recommended for those previously trained in TFT.

Use TFT effectively with more clients
• Use TFT to treat issues of self-esteem
• Use TFT with cognitive and behavioral therapy
• Use TFT to treat sexual problems …and more

Advanced Praise for Clinical Applications:

“I am pleased to recommed this work. Ms Connolly is a first rate seasoned integrous counselor with many years of experience in the various modalities of therapy. She offers clinically the best of the new as well as the tried and true.”
Dr. David M. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of the Institue of Advanced Spiritual Studies Coauthor of Orthomolecular Psychiatry with Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, M.D.

“Her book is full of practical advice and contains many tips on applying TFT algorithms effectively to help various psychological problems. Anyone interested in applying my TFT algorithms to help various problems is well-advised to obtain this book. Suzanne has done a marvelous job.”
Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D.
Founder and Developer of Thought Field Therapy.

100% of the book’s sale is donated to the TFT Foundation. To purchase the book, select the donation below. Shipping is included.

Choose Donation

IZERE Center Team From Rwanda Arrive in Honolulu



I am happy to announce the first of our team of Rwandans from the IZERE Center in Rwanda are arriving in Honolulu tonight.  The others will arrive later this week.

We are so very excited about this project as not only will four Rwandan TFT practitioners become trainers, spreading TFT far and wide in Africa, but many underprivileged in Hawaii as well as the clinics that serve them will benefit from TFT training and treatment during the month of September.

Using TFT to relieve the effects of trauma can open people to peace, compassion and community. It is the intention of the TFT Foundation–to make trauma relief available on a global scale! You can learn more about he Foundation’s work by clicking here,

We would like to ask for your help to cover some of the expenses in this far reaching project. As the air tickets were more costly than expected, and we have over run our budget.

We are seeking donations toward their food and incidentals while in Hawaii. If anyone can assist us with this, we can accept donations of any size. If you would even assist with one meal, it would make a huge difference for our guests from Rwanda.

Donation form is found here.

Thank you all for your help with this sharing of TFT with those who need it.

Research on TFT

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