Books in Which Offshoots of TFT are Mentioned

  • Grodner, B.S., & Reid, D.B. (2010). Permanent habit control: Practitioner’s guide to using hypnosis and other alternative health strategies. New York, NY: Springer.

Research on TFT upper

  • Fifty teenagers who had been orphaned 12 years earlier in the Rwandan genocide received a single session of TFT. Their scores decreased significantly on a checklist of PTSD symptoms that was completed by their caretakers and a self-administered checklist of PTSD symptoms. They experienced reductions in symptoms related to PTSD and maintained the improvements a year later.

Research on TFT lower


Sakai, C.E., Connolly, S.M., & Oas, P. (2010). Treatment of PTSD in Rwandan child genocide survivors using Thought Field Therapy. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 12(1), 41-50.

Pasahow, R.J. (2009). Energy psychology and Thought Field Therapy in the treatment of tinnitus. International Tinnitus Journal, 15(2), 130-133.
(This article contains two case studies in which Thought Field Therapy was found to be effective in treating anxiety and depression symptoms in participants who were suffering from tinnitus.)

Schoninger, B., & Hartung, J. (2010). Changes on self-report measures of public speaking anxiety following treatment with Thought Field Therapy. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 2(1).

Articles on TFT

  • Bray, R. (2007). Thought Field Therapy: Working through traumatic stress without the overwhelming responses. Violence & Abuse Abstracts, 13(4).
  • Dujany, R. (1997). Un attento studio delle emozioni. Medicina Naturale, 6, 30-32.
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·      Featured Video:   Tapping: The Thought Field Therapy Trauma Relief Tapping Algorithm

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