TFT Brings Relief to Traumatized Children in Rwanda


Helping Children in Rwanda

Last October, we had an anonymous donor offering the TFT Foundation matching funds to help IZERE Center community treatment days.

The last community day, held during the period of mourning, we were able to provide funding to treat 250 people and 435 came for help. So we were thrilled to have the possibility to continue to help these children and the others in the re¬gion receiving TFT relief. We asked for your help to raise the matching funds of $1100. You all responded and we received the matching funds promised.

We were able to send all the requested funds for the community treatment day.

Thank you all for caring and helping us continue to bring smiles to these children’s faces.

I would like to share one of the children’s comments with you.

Adrienne, TFT psychologist at IZERE with children

Adrienne, TFT psychologist at IZERE with children

Perhaps the most touching was shared by young child in Rwanda, Alphonsine. It is the testimony of one of the handicapped children who live in the Izere Center in Byumba, Rwanda.

She spontaneously offered it after the community treatment day that was made possible by many of your contributions.

It touched the hearts of the Rwandan therapist’s providing the TFT treatment and community day… and now ours as well. She talked about how she came to Izere Center to be helped with her studies and necessary medication. She shared her long time feelings of fear and isolation. She had complex challenges and had been traumatized because at home her parents prohibited her to go outside of the house……

She said, “I had fear to look or to talk with any people because I was not like them. I saw them with arms, with legs and I don’t have them, and I figured that I’m not a person.

When the other kids came to me I had difficulty to be with them. I only had peace when I was alone in the room, and although I’m in Izere Center for 6 years, I never had peace.

After Adrienne (a TFT trained psychologist supported by the TFT Foundation) came to me last month, she started to focus on me… she treated me with the technique that I’ve seen many times being used to treat the people who come here. Now you see, I’m very happy and I can stand between you and talk with you. I had refused to be treated for a long time; and now I’m going to convince my brother and sister to come to this school.”

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