Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy Outcome Study


Here is a recent study on the effectiveness of TFT for managing stressful emotions, out of Mexico. It’s a very simple, pre-post outcome study, with very clear images and tables.

Barraza-Alvarez, F. V. (2021). Callahan’s thought field therapy in the management of emotions associated with stress. World Journal of Biology Pharmacy and Health Sciences, 7(2), 060-068. https://doi.org/10.30574/wjbphs.2021.7.2.0085


Taking into account that Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a non-invasive technique for managing emotions, and that it is characterized by being safe and fast, it was applied in a group of 14 people from the workforce of the Center of Childhood Integration and Connivance “Del Bosque”, Texcoco, Mexico, who voluntarily expressed some feelings associated with stress before an initial interview, in order to evaluate their effectiveness. 36% of the participants reported presenting anxiety; 29% fear; 21% obsession, and 14% rejection. Once the TFT was completed, these emotions, in all the participants, went from a maximum rating of 10 Units of Discomfort Sensation (UDS) to a minimum of 0 UDS, so it could be established that the TFT technique was effective in managing stressful situations that were to be eradicated, with written opinions that expressed satisfaction on the part of the participants, who had no adverse reactions when the technique was applied to them.

John Freedom, CEHP

PDF Here

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