The Winning Way


How to Improve Your Finances, Business, Health and More with TFT-Adv Practitioner Paul Emery alongside Brian Tracy,  a 3 time EMMY Award Winner and other experts AND Help the ‘From Trauma for Peace’ Campaign!

Since my early teens and throughout most of my life I suffered from what my doctor described as a ‘Social Phobia’. I often experienced high levels of anxiety and fear, often for no consistent, apparent or logical reason.

For decades I searched for an answer to overcome this problem. As the years passed I just battled on with life whist studying everything I could from hypnosis, counseling, NLP and EFT in the hope they would help. However, with all that they promised and my success helping others – nothing worked for me!

That was at least, until I finally focused on the original tapping method of TFT and had a VT consultation with Roger. He identified why nothing previously worked for me. Toxins! I cleared those identified following his instructions and repeated some TFT sequences. Miraculously within a very short while I started to feel less anxious and fearful, to such an extent that I started to live a calmer, fuller and happier life. Since then I have often appeared on live TV with virtually zero anxiety!

winning-wayRecently I was asked to co-author a book called, ‘The Winning Way” with one of my mentors famed author – Brian Tracy, alongside 3 time EMMY Award Winning Director Nick Nanton and other leading experts.

At 440 pages the book contains lots of useful nuggets of advice, tips and information on a wide range of topics, from improving your finances and business to health. My contribution was a chapter called ‘Winning Without Worry’. It outlines my battle with anxiety and how I eventually beat it thanks to TFT. Part Two of my contribution includes a segment on how to perform a ‘self-Havening’ treatment with a link to some free exclusive videos. ‘Havening’ is a new psycho-sensory technique which I often incorporate with TFT into my treatments with increasingly great results. I also outline a breathing technique which has been proven to raise the anti-aging hormone DHEA, as well as balance HRV and enable you to sleep better and become less reactive.
I am delighted to say that the book has become a huge success and an Amazon Best-Seller! In September I Visited Hollywood and was inducted into the ‘National Academy of Best-selling Authors’ for which I picked up a ‘Quilly’ Award.

How to help the ‘Trauma to Peace’ campaign.

If you were to buy the Hardback version of this best-selling book it would cost you $19.95. The Kindle version $11.95.

However, I would like to give you all a chance to own an exclusive digital version of this informative and entertaining book for a small donation to the ‘From Trauma to Peace’ campaign of only $5.95. The price of a large latte!

If you donate $29.95 or more, you will receive my digital book and the DVD From Trauma to Peace.  To donate, simply click here.


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