Repotting Yourself


This month, TFT Foundation board member Mary Lou Dobbs has offered to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her latest book “Repotting Yourself” to the foundation.

It is a very timely topic in today’s world.

Mary Lou has done a superb job of not only sharing her courageous journey of transformation, but she shares many of the tools she has found along the way. This book is a must read, not only for all of us that share the title “baby boomers”, but all who are struggling to embrace change, survive the economy and live a full life in spite of what happens to us. –Joanne Callahan, MBA President , Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

“Mary Lou Dobbs, has lived her book “REPOTTING YOURSELF”. Financial, Emotional,Spiritual Flow and she writes from years of experience and wisdom in the business and the spiritual world. This book will take you into a new understanding of who you are and what you can attain and give you the tools to get there.” –Karen Partain Robison, RScP What if it really workds? Radio Karen partain Robison, Spiritual advisor

This book is THE book for our times; It will be a “full throttle” blessing for all who read it. –Chris Griscom, International author, speaker and spiritual Leader Chris Griscom, Created the The Light Institute

100% of the book’s sale is donated to the TFT Foundation. To purchase the book, select the donation below. Shipping is included.

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About the Author
Mary Lou Dobbs, founder and director of Executive Benefits Strategies, Inc. sells high-end executives and owners non-qualified retirement plans and helps them create living buyouts for their business exit strategy. She lives in the US.

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