Mental Health Interventions by Lay Counsellors:


A systematic review and meta-analysis

Click her to view the online-first Systematic Literature Review, which includes three randomized thought field therapy studies.

Other intervention modalities in the review were various forms of CBT, various forms of psychoeducation, interpersonal therapy, and narrative exposure therapy. Criteria for being included in the review were that it had to be a mental health intervention conducted in a low or middle-income country by professionally trained laypersons. The trial had to be a randomized controlled trial. Our definition of layperson was that they were not already working as a medical or mental health worker such as a doctor, a nurse, a community health worker, or a professional mental health field.

The studies using Thought Field Therapy interventions compared favorably: High effect sizes, short training, and only one treatment. The link is here. Eventually, this paper will be put into an in-print edition of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. In its present form, it is still amendable to further editing and formatting.

NOTE:  The TFT Foundation sincerely thanks Suzanne Connolly and Jenny Edwards for all their hard work and dedication on this article.

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