Africa Revisited

Mission Provides Help for Juvenile Genocide Victims

Submitted by Paul Oas

On April, 2005, Dr. Carl Johnson, TFT-Dx, Caroline Sakai, Caroline Sakai, PhD, TFT-VT, Dr. Paul Oas, TFT-Dx and Dr. Ron Reinsch, TFTAlgo and OB/GYN Surgeon visited Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to treat survivors of the 1994 genocide. In addition, they trained 26 students from a wide variety of backgrounds in TFT. Among the trainees were Attorneys, Doctors, Medical Students, Social Workers, Ministers, and Reflexology Trainees.

This Spring (April 10-29, 2006) they will return to Rwanda and the Congo to provide continuing education for those previously trained and invite them to assist in the team’s mission to treat 400 orphans and train the staff and community trainees at the El Shaddai Orphanage in Kigali.

The genocide of 1994 – and its aftermath – is still visible in the eyes of the orphan children who witnessed the horrible deaths of their parents and family members and those children abandoned by diseased parents as well as those who were given up because of extreme poverty.

This African Mission will be coordinated by Paul Oas. He will be accompanied by team members: Carl Johnson, Suzanne Connolly, Dottie Webster, Carole Dall, Beth Bates, Paula Herring, and building contractor/ photographer Tim Botsko.

These volunteers welcome your assistance in making this deployment possible with your financial assistance and donations of air miles (United and Kenya Air). Tax deductible checks may be made out to ATFT Foundation for “Africa Mission”.

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