Joanne Callahan, MBA

The Global Institute of Thought Field Therapy and Dr. Carl Johnson have completed some astounding work in the war stricken country of Kosovo.

Under extremely difficult conditions of language barrier, mistrust, and continuing violence, etc., they achieved phenomenal results. The data are being presented for publication.

There was a team of clinicians who participated in this humanitarian endeavor. The Global Institute provided clinicians from the USA, United Kingdom and Sweden. They were joined by physicians already in Kosovo, whose positive reputation among the local people made it possible to access patients in the remote villages. Dr. Mustafe Shala and Dr. Xhevdet Sejdiu had close ties with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Dr. Shala had served as Chief of Medicine for the KLA. Also part of the team, Dr. Robert O’Dell and Dr. Kadengjika Dabishevci, the Chief and Associate Chief of Medicine for US office (American Embassy) in the capital city of Pristina, had been members of The Hague War Crimes Tribunal.

The Global Institute of Thought Field Therapy hopes to continue their efforts to help this devastated region. Dr. Johnson reports, “The ethnic Albanian physicians who took us into the hidden villages and referred the trauma patients to be treated with TFT… now have a dream… to have a small office for TFT.

This office needs to be funded for them initially, to be taken over by them after one year. It would be set up as the permanent training and treatment center when other volunteers go to Kosovo in the future. It would serve as a material confirmation of the success of TFT in Kosovo. And, it would complete a sequence of intervention that could be put into effect in other nations- a model, perhaps. The funding needed would be for rent and utilities – about $10,000 dollars for the year”.

We urge our readers to contribute to this humanitarian effort and help the Global Institute in their ongoing work with Kosovo.  Please contact Dr. Carl Johnson, e-mail carl@visuallink.com or telephone (540) 662-75I0. Correspondence should be directed to:

Carl Johnson, PhD
Director, Global Institute of
Thought Field Therapy
100 North Ave.
Winchester, VA 22601

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