Commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsi at Kigali University


The pictures are showing Rwandan Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Genocide Against Tutsi as they were held in different places Districts, Universities, and Sectors.

This year like last year we helped people using TFT which is now more popularly and widely by many trained practitioners and many them working with different institutions NGOs, Public Institutions like Hospitals Psychologists and Counselor. Last year in August we have trained a large number of Psychologists both in IPRC Kigali as well as at KIMU University these are people who represented many Districts and Sectors plus NGOs.This year it was much easier for us to work with people who know already what to do especially people who know us. I can say each year there is that uniqueness of making things easier for the TFT Team to help many.

One week before the first treatment week,I was been called by a lady from the Rwanda National Commission for Reconciliation and she is the in charge of Trauma Counseling… personally, I hadn’t met her or see her before she was collecting the figures of those traumatized people during treatment of last year commemoration 2018. She told me that she got my telephone number by Psychologists trained from different Districts.

She asks me two things:

  1. How many people  have you helped Last year with TFT TAPPING
  2. She wanted also to know which kind of therapies do you apply?

I told her that last year we helped 300 people from different places but also we trained more than 200 People from different places and all dealing with Humanitarian works. I said we are always using the technique called TFT and on phone, I did translate what TFT is all about. She was very much happy with us.

Also, this year compared to last year the level of trauma was high the National Commission for the Genocide have conducted a research to find out the level and the size of trauma after 25 years, and they have come up with 30% of Rwandan lives with trauma daily. So the research is showing that there is much to do both in Tapping/treatment as well as training as many people as possible.

Again before treatment during our meeting, we have decided to come up with our new appellation/name and we have adopted the name THE COUNSELORS OF HOPE.  This is going to be our name and these counselors of hope are healing people using an Approach/Technics called TFT. These are some of the Changes we have made during this year commemoration.

Celestin Mitabu

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