Rwandan Prisons Program Training – August 2019


In order to empower the professional clinical therapists and clinicians working together in Rwandan prisons to help the prisoners to improve their mental health, there have been the trainings on TFT techniques in BYUMBA Catholic Diocese from 05th to 07th August 2018.

Within this period of training, the training has been very beneficial because the participants have gained other knowledge and techniques that were not on the techniques they were using in order to handle the psychological problems of the prisoners in Rwandan prisons.

So, the participants are very grateful to the BYUMBA Catholic Diocese and the team from USA who have brought TFT here in Rwanda but more specifically in BYUMBA Catholic Diocese.

In one word, this training has been more important to all participants because they have gained new knowledge and other new skills and techniques that will be more used by the participants in their daily activities while dealing with their clients.

On the side of the participants in the training and RCS (Rwanda Correctional Service) in general, they are thanking a lot the team of TFT from the headquarter in USA more specifically Dr. Caroline SAKAI and Debra N. NEW and all those who have contributed with the team to train the participants. Lastly, the participants have confirmed that they will try their best to put into actions what they learnt from the training.

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